LENS Living Lab

3L is international (SI, A, DK, D, GR, India, ZA, USA)  ICT industry’s open research and innovation virtual living laboratory, with the focus on research, development, testing and piloting of the Industry 4.0 selected enabling and supporting technologies.

3L is international human and knowledge-centric network of collaborative platforms,  co-organized by partners from Austria, Denmark, Germany,  Greece, India, Slovenia, South Africa, and the USA.

3L Value Proposition

The LENS Living Lab value proposition is to be a virtual value space for partnering in learning, evolution, and commercialization of new technologies, innovations, business models, competencies and supporting knowledge market services

3L Core group partners

  1. Cranefield College, South Africa
  2. SDU Odense – LH Consulting, Denmark
  3. LH Consulting, Denmark
  4. ORBITAK International, United States of America
  5. PTMF India,
  6. SIMEAC, Austria
  7. Pannenbaecker Consulting, Germany
  8. Mindshift Consulting, Germany, Sweden

INTESO's role

INTESO Group is legal and enabling organization of LENS Living Lab.