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Slovenian Maritime Administration

Fire department - Nova Gorica

Fire department - Ljubljana

Security company - G4S

Security company - Aktiva varovanje d.d


Some of the functionalities of SITRAC Voice system

  • Two-way radio communication
    Two-way audio and data radio communication with professional radio stations (Analog, DMR, Tetra).
  • Tracking
    GPS tracking of your units.
  • Alarms
    Integration with you alarm system.
  • SMS
    Communicate with short messages between professional radio station and SITRAC Voice. You can also send group messages.
  • Telephone
    Integration with Asterisk and FreeSWITCH thru SIP protocol.
  • Recording
    We are constantly recording all radio communications.

Benefits of the use of SITRAC Voice system

Overview over your units
With use of GPS and our intergrated maps (Google Maps, Open Street Maps or custom maps*) you can track your units.
Audio communication
Communicate with your units over audio channel. All communication is recorded.
Web browser accessible
To use SITRAC Voice you only need web browser Chrome or Firefox.
Integrate SITRAC Voice with existing solutions.

Some of the areas where SITRAC Voice can be used

Transport and logistics
Public sectors
Police departmens, hospitals, fire departments ...
Accomodiation & Facilities
Communicate with your stuff
Control your manufacturing process

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